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Low-Code and No-Code Development is well known concept based on simple idea - simplification of programming process by reducing or giving up from coding and that way make the process more acceptable for the users with and without programming skills. Fortunate side effects of the concept are speedup of development process, involving of end users into process and better relations between development and operations.

MAPP application is most exposed part of n-aos Development Platform and it is the very best start of using and understanding the No-Code Development concept.

The MAPP app is divided into 3 main + 4 optional steps that follow the organization and structure of n-aos interface areas.

Creating objects within a given area is implemented through managed procedures that simplify the database object modeling process and adding metadata needed for the user interface.







Programming without coding, by following the steps

MAPP application has descriptions and instructions all the way, on every step and every procedure, if you read the descriptions and tool tips, it is more likely that you will achive your goals without any problem.

After you create first main object, you can see the structure of your application and also see the application itself (last two icons on the MAPP horizontal bar).

If the result is not what you expect, and you detect where you made a mistake, simply delete the object from application structure and repeat the process from the step you have deleted, this time without noticed mistakes.

Anyway, if you stuck, you have one more jocker - send us an e-mail, and we will give you a hand.




If the challenge is too big or you simply do not have time, do not worry, there is a solution - assign the task to us.