The Active Cloud Interface

What we mean when we say ''Active Cloud Interface'' , an interface designed to be responsive to changes of database structure. That means, interface is capable to response when column is added or changed in the table that participate in interface object.

So there's no hassle with the interface and the developer can just focus on app building. 

There's something we like to say about n-aos Cloud interface.

"User interface is the Puppet, SQL Database is the Puppeteer and You are Director of the show performed in the Cloud."

But, let's dive in to the tech stuff. n-aos has a cloud based web interface, focused on main object with its relational surrounding objects. Main object is any logical entity originated from one or more database tables or other selectable database object. Surrounding objects are logical entities in parent relation or detail relation or master-detail relation or procedural relation against the main object.

Objects are on default shown as data table within the grid view. Every object has grid settings like insert and edit operations through form or through inline, grid paging or grid vertical scroll, order of columns, multilingual headings labels, etc..

CRUD functionality, as most important, determines this interface in many ways. Object manipulation icons exists on every object's footer as same as in central icon box for manipulation of the focused object.

That's about it considering the interface, but you can give it a go with our free trial >>>

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