Cloud Database Modelling

Creating your database without a defined plan will lead to a stream of problems later on. You can try to figure it out as you go, but you are leaving success to chance. That's why it is recommended to think about the bigger picture of a database you are trying to create and manage. Begin constructing your plan by asking yourself a few questions like:

By planning how the system is expected to look and function, you are confident about what kind of applications you are building and how they are related. Now let's see a short practical overview of database modeling with n-aos Application Builder.

Database modeling is an administrative sub module in n-aos Builder module, equipped with tools for creating new and altering existing tables in the n-aos Cloud database. User interface is in the form of standard grid with action procedures.

Database modeling consists of 2 main functions:

Creating a new table

Create new table user interface consists of main grid for insert, edit and delete columns definition and few action procedures for creating / removing indexes, constrains, relations and for saving the new table design defined in main grid.

Altering a table

Alter table user interface consists of action procedure for preparing table alteration e.g. procedure that opens selected table in design mode in main grid for edit columns definition or add new columns or delete columns. Also has action procedures for creating or removing indexes, constrains and relations from altering table.

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