Entry & Exit app

Application Entry & Exit is part of n-aos business solutions in the cloud. The records of arrivals and departures, except as control for presence, simplify keeping records of working time - workers themselves record their comings and goings, and records of working hours can be formed with automated processing based on such recorded arrivals and departures.

By using Entry & Exit app you can forget the complications of expensive terminals, cards, fingerprint access control, etc. This application does not need additional equipment or devices, which significantly reduces the cost of recording worker presence. Also, you can access the app from your smartphone or tablet.



This procedure is as simple as it gets. The submit button is used to record the start of work (Checkin), completion of the work (Checkout) and Comeback after Go out during working hours. To execute procedure, just press the button.

The system determines the type of records based on analysis of all records of logged user on the current day. For example, the first record of the day will be Checkin. If the last record was Checkin, the next will be Checkout. If the last record were Go out, the next will be Comeback, and so on.

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