How to Make an Invoice

Creating invoices manually on your desktop then sending them by email is time consuming, especially for a small business. So using online invoicing and billing applications is highly recommended, because it can speed up your revenue stream and save you time.

Now let's try to make an invoice with n-aos Cloud app Invoicing.

1. Fill the header of invoice

Start by choosing the date, customer, department and enter other relevant data into invoice heading.


You can make an invoice really fast, because you don’t need to manually type the in data, you just choose from a drop-down menu. This is possible because the app is related to other tables containing data like customer info, company departments etc. 

If you are making sales on a foreign market the app can fetch currency or taxing data for any country.


You can also make recurring invoices.



2. Add invoice items

In this step choose the service, quantity, price etc. When you are done submit the invoice with "Final step" button.


And that’s it regarding the invoicing with n-aos Cloud.

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