How to Move a Spreadsheet to the Cloud

Migrating data to the cloud may seem as an unreal amount of work and in a lot of cases it is, but don’t lose hope just yet, n-aos is a cloud platform that eases the pain of data migration. Take a look at how simple it is to migrate your data, in just a few steps you can pull an enormous excel spreadsheet to the n-aos Cloud. Now, let's see how it is done.

For an example this a table we want to migrate.

The first thing you have to do is start the create simple application wizard and name your application and table (object). Then click on the next step button.





In this step you can assign the columns of the table you want to import. You can do it manualy or you can just drop the spreadsheet file into the box. After you drop the file, choose the row of headers in the table and the columns are assigned automaticaly.


In the picture bellow you can see the columns we imported. Now you can assign a data type filter to every column, if needed. A data filter can be currency, decimal number, date and time, etc.


Click next step and proceed to settings. In settings you give specific attributes to created app:

- Multilingual name of application,

- User access - view own or all records

- page size - initial grid size of created object

- insert,browse,delete,export flag

- in use flag

After you adjust the settings click the submit button.


The table has appeared and now we can import the rest od the data. Click on the import data and drag the spreadsheet file in the box.


Now choose the sheet where the desired table is located.

Choose in what row the data begins.

Press submit and that's it, your table is on the cloud.


As you can see, migrating data to the n-aos Cloud isn't such a tedious task.

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