How to print an invoice

There are two ways you can print, save or display invoices with the Invoicing application. You print a single invoice and there's an option to print invoices from certain partner in selected time period.

Single invoice printout

To print a single invoice first you need to select the invoice and click the ˝single invoice printout˝ button. Then just click submit to start the invoice download. As you can see in the picture below there is an option to see a preview before the download, also you can send the invoice via e-mail.



Invoices printout

You can printout invoices from certain customer in a selected time frame. Just click on "invoices printout" and a window will appear. Now select the customer, the time period and press submit and that's it. 



The invoice you've downloaded it's supposed to like this.



This is all you need to know about printing invoice with the Invoicing app. If you need more help take a look at our Youtube channel, it's packed with tutorials.