Interface Upgrade

We have made some changes in the n-aos Cloud interface with intent to simplify it as much as possible. So, the major changes are in the application main menu and the surroundings control.

Let's see what's new.


To help users navigate through the application we added a complementary menu in the center of the interface. It allows you to pick the wanted action right away on the home screen by clicking the corresponding circle.




To decrease the number of buttons on the screen we've practically mashed them all into just one menu. The menu is located in the upper left corner of the interface and it contains all the necessary functions like settings, sharing options, support dialogue box...



The surroundings control went through some major changes. The controls are now located right at the place where the object/table would appear. If you want to access objects from a particular surrounding like (PARENT) just click on the icon (P) and it will appear. We think this is more intuitive than the former solution. 



That's about it regarding the new interface. We hope this blog was helpful and please if you have a comment about the new interface send us your opinion.