n-aos Cloud Platform: Builder vs Solutions

n-aos has two variants, n-aos Builder and n-aos Solutions, which differ only by the level of skill in building applications. Both versions are included with a suite of applications and business registers, provided that the Builder has a separate module for construction of new applications, whereby Solutions only allows expansion of existing applications with new or existing objects.




The advantages of using n-aos Builder

The common scenario of being swamped in a pile of Excel spreadsheets, all of us know too well, is easily avoidable by using n-aos Builder and building your own database apps. In that scenario users are piling files, then exchanging them, to finally integrate them into other files. Also, the files probably aren't structured, there are problems with distribution of files, and maybe sometimes it's hard to find all the copies. These are just some of the disadvantages of non-cloud databases. So, moving the database to the cloud and managing it with custom build apps is a clever solution. Not only is the data unified in one location, it can also be read, changed and shared by any number of users.

One of the main capabilities of n-aos Builder is the active interface, an automated or semi-automated interface response to changes in database structure, change a column in a table and the interface changes. The benefits are numerous - faster development and implementation of changes in the application, more reliable alignment of the database and interface along with much easier application changing.

n-aos Builder is suitable for IT and database professionals, developers and non-developers or anyone who wants to influence, modify, extend or build applications, according to the dynamics of their needs.

The benefits of n-aos Solutions

With n-aos Solutions you get a high performance cloud platform with ready to use business applications. These apps are designed to increase effectiveness and team collaboration, and on top of all, are highly customizable. Changing apps to meet your needs sounds complicated, but when you don’t need programming skills to change them, it isn’t that hard.

Applications work on a proven and tested business logic that meets operative and management needs on all organization levels. n-aos Solutions is equipped with applications suitable for small to medium business, like online registers (Territory, Organization, Partners) and online apps (Work, Assets, Invoicing and Billing). 

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