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  • Super fast development

    Create a new CRUD application, register, record, view, or form, quickly and easily in minutes, with guided procedures, without coding.


  • Built-in functionalities

    Each object you have defined, automatically gets a powerful web interface and all the necessary functionality: input, edit, sort, filter, group, print, import, export, ...


  • Deployment in few minutes

    Add new users and access rights, share them application link and login data via email, and they can start working.




DevOps in practice

n-aos development platform strongly and practically advocates DevOps philosophy and DevOps strategy in the organizations.
It speed up the development process, narrows the borders between development and the deployment same as between developers and users. This low-code platform (or no-code platform what it really is in most of the cases) gives possibility for continuing development while application is already in use, because n-aos application platform and development platform shares the same infrastructure and same work space in the cloud, what gives scalable separation of the development versus operations like as exclusively development parts or development parts monitored online from project manager or project owner or even monitored online from operational users.

Transform ideas into practice

If you are a practitioner with the idea, or you are in charge of IT in a small, medium or large company, or want that your staff better use existing business data, here's the online platform for quick respond to your needs or needs of your users.
n-aos development platform, instead of programming, offers the creation of applications using managed procedures and metadata. Created applications are multi-lingual and contain a handful of embedded features for a great user experience.

Get rid of wandering files

If you have a bunch of xls files that are difficult to find and even more difficult to update, and cannot be used by multiple users at the same time, and there are several versions of the same file, .... that is hard!
n-aos development platform allows you to migrate your data on central location in the cloud database with multi-user working environment. Move your excel files into n-aos applications and solve a bunch of operative issues.

Give them the right tool

You know how it goes, users have needs whose realization is expected almost immediately. They have ideas, desires, needs, but also frustration when they must explain to the developers what they want and when realize how much time developers needs to deliver the solution.
It does not have to be so, today's digital trends are pointing to tools that can be used by non-developers, means users who need something and know the best what they want. Give users to use the n-aos low(no)-code development platform to speed up the processes.

Work with other data sources

How many times did you want to make a non-standard view from finance or sales data, but realization was last longer than remembering why you need it?
The n-aos low(no)-code development platform offers importing data in various formats (xls, csv, xmls), connecting external servers, and generating data views from heterogeneous sources - the sky's the limit.

Combine with ready-made objects

Solve your specifics by creating new applications, then plug in standard business functionality using ready-made objects or n-aos applications.

Advantages of development in the n-aos cloud

n-aos development platform is cloud based, does not need to be installed and is available from any device that has a full internet browser at any time and from any location that has Internet access.
Every development work space is fully isolated and secured with SSL certificate. It consists of storage space, private database and n-aos development tools. Created apps are ready to be released right after creating, without installation. Sharing the link and access data is enough for users to start work with application.

Platform main elements


  • MAPP application for quick creation of new custom objects and their deployment within the user interface,
  • BAPP application for subsequent editing and additional customization of custom objects,
  • application extenders for creating additional objects in its surrounding inside the application itself,
  • tool for object column settings inside every application and for each object,
  • a tool for modelling and designing tables in a database,
  • code generator, a tool for automated creation of the user interface for existing database objects.



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Company develops, implements and maintains business and technological software.

N-LAB is a privately owned company established in 1994.

Company scores stability, growth and increasing number of users on global market throughout each year of existence. Internal and external organization is guided by the quality management system.

20 years of experience in providing mud logging, drilling control and log drawing and reporting software for our customers worldwide. PeN-LAB system is the best independent software solution for building new mud logging units, renewal of old units, starting mud logging business, boost your competitive strength on the market.



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N-LAB d.o.o.  Žugčićeva 22, Zagreb, Croatia 
T: +385 1 2949 900,  F: +385 1 2949 906,  e-mail

N-LAB d.o.o. was founded in 1994.

Registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb under number 080245127,  VATid: HR71122610349,  bank account at Zagrebačka banka d.d. IBAN: HR392360000110128xxxx,  the share capital in the amount of 444 900,00 HRK paid in full.  Management: Krešo Vrkić (Director).

NKD 2007:  62.01


N-LAB d.o.o.  Žugčićeva 22, Zagreb, Hrvatska
T: +385 1 2949 900,  F: +385 1 2949 906,  el. pošta

N-LAB d.o.o. je osnovan 1994. 

Upisan u registar Trgovačkog suda u Zagrebu pod broj 080245127, OIB:71122610349, poslovni račun kod Zagrebačke banke d.d. IBAN: HR392360000110128xxxx, temeljni kapital u iznosu od 444 900,00 HRK uplačen je u cijelosti. Uprava: Krešo Vrkić (direktor).

NKD 2007:  62.01