• HR, Recruitment, Performance


    Online application designed to manage employees data, includes all the elements of this important process from recruiting and selecting employees, through all necessary records and registers of employees and their career log, up to the performance assessment.

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  • Employee Registry

    It consists of employee records and job descriptions, and contains all legally prescribed information that the employer has to record.


  • Recruitment

    From managing job ads, through special publicly available candidate applications, calls for testing and interviews, up to candidate selection.


  • Performance Evaluation

    For all well-organized companies that value their employees, this app offers an excellent solution for setting goals and evaluating performance.




The application accepts all kinds of digital attachments (pdf, txt, html, png, pdf, jpg), scanned documents, images, links to content posted on the server, as well as links to available external content, maps, web pages, etc. Each entry can Accept large amounts of text, pictures, attachments or multimedia.


The benefits of cloud apps

The application is located in the cloud, so there's no need for installation. It is available from any device that has a web browser such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, from any location at any time. Like all n-aos applications, Assets is strengthened with the extension builder, a tool great for customizing your app. It is also equipped with multilingual features that enable the user to easily translate the app from English to other languages.



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