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    Designed for office operations in public and local government bodies, public institutions, and similar subjects.

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  • E-Document

    Replace all paper circulation in your office with digital documents.


  • Search easily

    Accelerate and facilitate the search for submissions and documents within their subjects and classes.


  • Document control

    Each app user has an insight and can only work with documents that are intended for him.



Technology and digitalization

The Registry office is a powerful tool for increasing the efficiency of office operations and is an important step in switching to electronic business. The Registry office accepts all types of digital documents - scanned documents in various formats (pdf, txt, html ), accepts images, links to content posted on the server, as well as links to external content, maps, web pages, etc.

All received documents are automatically tagged with a QR code, and each of the entries can accept large amounts of text, images, attachments, or multimedia.

Process organization

  The Registry office is divided into the reception office, the mail registry, the mail and delivery registry, through which it receives and confirms the receipt of the written, active items, archives and archives work. All items and writings, or submissions and acts, are entered only once, and their tracking through all parts of the application is realized through various changes in status, credentials, and business process labels.

  • The registry office:
    • Non administrative process
    • Administrative process, first degree
    • Administrative process, second degree
    • Documents registry book
  • Mail and other register:
    • Incoming mail registers
    • Outgoing mail register
    • Internal mail register
  • Active topics:
    • Topics
    • Scheduled topics
    • Finished topics
  • documents arhive
  • Hall of records

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