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    Online Document Management


    Bring digital order into your business, digitize your paper documents and use eDocuments more intense. Do it on a secured, cloud location with last generation of cloud application. Cloud DMS technology work for you and bring many advantages.


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  • Simple interface

    Easy to receive, classify, print labels and add digital attachments.


  • Digitalization

    Upload digital attachments from a variety of sources and in different formats.


  • Efficiency

    Central storage of all documents, quick search and insights into digital content.



  • Cloud app

    The application is available through a link from any device with an Internet browser.


  • Access control

    Every user works only with the documents that are intended for him.


  • eDocuments

    Working with eDocuments and tracking of use all digital documents with verification of receipt.


Organization of processes

All items, incoming and outgoing documents are entered only once. The flow of documents is realized through mail registers, they receive and confirm receipts of documents with changes in status, certificates and business process labels.

  • Registry office :
    • Documents registry: digitalization, classification and distribution of the documents to the users
    • Incoming invoices view: subset of all incoming documents
    • Documents registry books: chronological view of classified documents
  • Mail and other registers:
    • incoming mail register: register of personal and confidential documents
    • outgoing mail register: register of outgoing documents sent outside of organization
    • internal mail register: central place of exchange of documents within the organization
  • Active topics:
    • topics in progress
    • finished topics
  • Archives
  • digital archive of topics and documents that are not operative use


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