Single app subscription

Up to now, you could have subscribed for an n-aos Solutions business app package or n-aos Builder. From now on you can subscribe for a single app. So if you need an Invoicing app and you're not interested in a Work records app, no problem, subscribe for the application you really need.



Do you need an app great for proforma invoices or offers preparation, creating of discrete - single invoices and for massive, repetitive billing of services, fees and similar charges? The invoicing app will do the job.

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Work records

This app is best described as an easy, online attendance evidence, i.e. evidence of employees and their working time. It brings work hours log, annual leave and non-working days planning, non-working days approving and tracking, daily control and approvals of time outside the office, working hour’s cumulative as a base for payroll calculation, procedures for massive data entry, closing and approvals of the work hours records.

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The best kind of application for managing business process and all aspects of fixed assets or long-term assets. App brings detailed assets registry, automated life time depreciation plan for depreciable assets, monthly depreciation calculation, assets status, assets list and yearly inventory list and a lot more.

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You can also take a look at pricing plans for n-aos Solutions and n-aos Builder.

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