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  • Invoicing

    Create invoices and offers when in the office or out.


  • Travel

    Travel warrants, driving and vehicle records for subjects of all sizes.



  • Time attendance

    Forget about expensive terminals, cards, fingerprints and similar complications.



  • Registry office

    Records management in public administration bodies and institutions of public importance.


  • Digital Office

    Bring digital order to all types of documents at a central location.



  • Human resources

    An online application designed for full management of staff.


  • Assets

    Registry of all assets, fixed assets and depreciation.




If you are wondering if it is possible to monitor multiple business processes in one place, with no investment in equipment, licenses and contracts with different suppliers of software - the answer is yes! It is possible, with our application package in the cloud, which combines multiple applications required in any business, integrated within a single database.


The advantages of cloud apps

The application is located in the cloud, there's no need to install it and is available from any device with a web browser such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones. The application is multilingual, supplied with translations in English and Croatian, and the user can translate it into other languages.


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