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    Online planning and evidenting working hours


    Used for planning and recording working hours in companies, associations, institutions and units of management of all sizes and with any number of employees.

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  • Planning

    Planning and approving work schedule, non-working hours and annual vacations.


  • Evidenting

    Manual or mass input in work records or link to the Time attendance app facilitate operational use.


  • Cumulative hours

    With a few clicks, fetch the monthly cumulative hours record.



Time attendance >>>

Applications Entry-Exit and Entry-Exit With Login are part of the n-aos business solutions in the cloud and are an extension of the Work application. The records of arrivals and departures, except as presence control, simplifies keeping records of working hours - the workers themselves record their comings and goings, and time attendance generates with automated processing on the basis of recorded arrivals and departures.



  • working time and working hours register,
  • employee files,
  • total, used and remaining annual leave and non-working days,
  • planner for annual leave and non-working days,
  • management of 'out of office' time during working hours,
  • monthly cumulative working hours management (as a base for payroll calculation and payout),



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Company develops, implements and maintains business and technological software.

N-LAB is a privately owned company established in 1994.

Company scores stability, growth and increasing number of users on global market throughout each year of existence. Internal and external organization is guided by the quality management system.

20 years of experience in providing mud logging, drilling control and log drawing and reporting software for our customers worldwide. PeN-LAB system is the best independent software solution for building new mud logging units, renewal of old units, starting mud logging business, boost your competitive strength on the market.



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N-LAB d.o.o.  Žugčićeva 22, Zagreb, Croatia 
T: +385 1 2949 900,  F: +385 1 2949 906,  e-mail

N-LAB d.o.o. was founded in 1994.

Registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb under number 080245127,  VATid: HR71122610349,  bank account at Zagrebačka banka d.d. IBAN: HR392360000110128xxxx,  the share capital in the amount of 444 900,00 HRK paid in full.  Management: Krešo Vrkić (Director).

NKD 2007:  62.01


N-LAB d.o.o.  Žugčićeva 22, Zagreb, Hrvatska
T: +385 1 2949 900,  F: +385 1 2949 906,  el. pošta

N-LAB d.o.o. je osnovan 1994. 

Upisan u registar Trgovačkog suda u Zagrebu pod broj 080245127, OIB:71122610349, poslovni račun kod Zagrebačke banke d.d. IBAN: HR392360000110128xxxx, temeljni kapital u iznosu od 444 900,00 HRK uplačen je u cijelosti. Uprava: Krešo Vrkić (direktor).

NKD 2007:  62.01