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Online work attendance


Forget about expensive terminals, cards, fingerprints and similar complications, sub-application Entry&Exit
as part of application Work handles all that you need for accurate recording of employees attendance.

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  • Simple sign-in

    Employees themselves record arrivals and departures using their mobile phones or at the terminal set up at the company entrance.


  • Multiple locations

    Record the presence of employees with the help of geolocation, without investing in additional equipment.



Distributing the app

Distribution of apps to employees using personal portable devices, smartphones or tablets is extremely simple and can be done by sending an email to a worker. The message contains an internet link (URL), a username and password.

The app is used to log:

  • arrival to work (entry),
  • departure from work (exit),
  • leaving during working hours.


Link to working hours records >>>

The working time record is formed by automated processing based on recorded arrivals and departures, and entries entered through the Entry-Exit app are seen in the Work app as related working time details (linked to worker and date).


Retrieve data from existing equipment

If you already have equipment for recording arrivals and departures from work, application contains the functionality to import data from Excel or similar files, so you can transfer data from your equipment into the application.



Define the geolocation for every employee, ie the latitude and length of the office location. Sign-in is only allowed if the user is within 100 m of workplace geolocation.


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